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The College is a powerful place to not only shape the education of our students, but also their health and wellbeing. At JCG, we strive to provide and deliver an excellent school meals service, which supports and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Recently published research has shown evidence of direct links between diet, learning and behaviour. 


Coming soon

During 2023 we will be reviewing our catering service and menus, with a focus on the following:

  • The dining environment - the look and feel - and creation of additional seating
  • The introduction of a College Café, located next to The Dome (currently CS)
  • Reviewing our menus to include a wider range of fresh, healthy and nutritious meals and snacks which cater for our diverse College community
  • The impact our catering service has on the environment and what we, the College community, can do to minimise this in partnership with our Eco Captains

We are very keen to determine what our College community would like to see us provide going forward. Therefore, we have formed a working party to include students and staff from across the College.

In March 2023, we issued a survey to obtain feedback from our students, our staff and the parents of JCP pupils. Please see the Catering Survey 2023 below for a summary of our findings.